Our Quality

High-Quality Wooden Puzzles

Our Wooden puzzles are made from 0.16” (4mm) HDF wood boards, this material is great for jigsaw puzzles as compared to plywood the chips on the edges of the pieces are reduced to a minimum. Direct printing on the wood material ensures high-quality image reproduction with vivid colors and great durability against scratches. Wooden puzzles are much more durable than cardboard puzzles, they are dust free, and they don’t bend.

Unique Shaped Wooden Puzzle Pieces

Our puzzles are laser cut, which means we can create uniquely shaped puzzle pieces. The cut of our puzzles is irregular, called Victorian cut, each piece is unique and fits properly only in its desired place.

Wooden Puzzle is a Great Gift

Our wooden puzzles come in a handcrafted wooden gift box which is made from the same material as the puzzle itself. Puzzle pieces are placed in a fabric bag. The artwork that is printed on the wooden puzzle is also printed on the lid of the box; this image can be used as a guide when assembling the puzzle.

The great-looking box is what makes the wooden puzzle a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, or any other special occasion!

With each puzzle, we include a special stand that you can use to hold the lid of the box to showcase the artwork. So addition, to the wooden puzzle, you also get a photo frame that shows the artwork. When the puzzle is done, this photo frame can be placed on a night table or bookshelf.