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Magnetic photo jigsaw puzzles

Make a jigsaw puzzle that will stick to any metallic surface!

A personalised magnetic jigsaw puzzle is just like a standard jigsaw puzzle, the only difference being that we add a magnetic backing to the puzzle, so it will stick to any magnetic metallic surface. A family magnetic photo jigsaw puzzle is a great gift for your kids, grandparents, relatives, or friends.

To make your magnetic picture jigsaw puzzle select jigsaw size and upload a photo, design or artwork.


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Make a picture puzzle that sticks - magnetic photo jigsaw!

A personalised magnetic puzzle with your hand-picked image on it will be a special souvenir or gift for your family or friends; plus, you can enjoy a great time together solving the puzzle! Our magnetic photo puzzles have a magnetic surface, which allows you to stick the puzzle on the fridge or on any other magnetic metallic surface. That way, you can have the pleasure of seeing your special image every day!

Create a surprise photo gift with magnetic photo puzzles!

Magnetic puzzles are quite a new concept in the jigsaw puzzle market, as well as in the fridge magnet market. Our magnetic puzzles are made from your specially-selected photo and can be produced in any one of the 6 available puzzle sizes that works for you. Magnetic jigsaw puzzles at PuzzlesPrint can be customised to suit your special requirements. You simply upload your own photo, adding text to the magnetic puzzle if you would like that.

If you are planning on ordering a personalised magnetic puzzle as a gift, you can rest assured that the recipient will appreciate the puzzle, both for the image and for the way that it is presented.

You have complete control how your magnetic jigsaw puzzle will look!

A magnetic jigsaw puzzle makes a great gift for children, and will hold your child’s interest far more strongly, and for far longer, than a standard personalised jigsaw puzzle as it will stick to any metallic surface. It’s a great way to keep your little ones busy in the kitchen while you’re making dinner.

PuzzlesPrint can deliver your custom-made magnetic puzzle to your selected address, be that your own address or that of the recipient, in the case of a gift. We pack your unassembled magnetic puzzle in a plastic zip-lock bag, which we then place inside a custom-created puzzle box, featuring your chosen image on the cover. Just imagine the effect it will have when it’s unwrapped!

Magnetic photo jigsaw puzzles
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